Pinterest for Connecting Teams

I introduced using shared Pinterest boards at iris worldwide, to connect team members around a project or brand. What I saw is that it has an enormous effect on workflow by creating a layer of understanding outside of meetings. As expected, strategists & creatives use the boards the most – but it also gives teammates in accounts a chance to share in the vision. These Pinterest boards are basically vision boards – helping to create a shared awareness of inspiration and references.

It wasn’t long before each brand with an actively managed social channel had it’s own shared Pinterest board. For relevant brands, we use these boards to facilitate social calendar concepting (the direction behind each social post in the month). On top of being able to easily collect references, the channel’s popularity allows us to recognize what content is viral for our target.

Our brands wish to connect with fans by offering unique content within their social channels, ranging from recipes to DIYs. Having already established some fluidity between the strategic & creative teams, this put us in a great position to execute increasingly robust social content.

So, join me on Pinterest!