Under Armour Youth

Under Armour's NEXT athlete Mariah & Misty Copland
Under Armour's NEXT athlete Matty & Jordan Spieth
Under Armour’s NEXT athlete Wanna & Canelo Álvarez
Under Armour's NEXT athlete Maisie & Emily Day
Under Armour’s NEXT athlete Gabby & Alex Aust
Under Armour’s NEXT athlete Que & Kent Bazemore
Under Armour Youth
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Thousands of young athletes competed. Only seven made the roster. These top athletes proved they have the skill—and the WILL—to be on TEAM UA NEXT. We launched Under Armour Youth’s Instagram channel, and created a range of social campaigns from promoting Steph Curry’s new shoe to training with NEXT athletes & their Elite Athlete mentors.

Superhero Training

UANEXT athletes develop their unique superpowers by training with Marvel superheros. Mariah defies gravity with Spiderman—the ultimate gymnast. Ironman uses his helmet to provide expert analysis of Matty’s golf swing. Que smashes the basketball court with Hulk.

Under Armour's NEXT athlete Mariah & Spiderman
Under Armour's NEXT athlete Matty & Iron Man
Under Armour's NEXT athlete Que & The Hulk

Curry 2.5 Sneaker Photoshoot


Curry 2.5 Boomerang promo - double dribble
Curry 2.5 Boomerang promo - between the leg
Curry 2.5 Boomerang promo - backstep